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Camera: Nikon COOLPIX S6300
Aperture: f/5
Exposure: 1/30th
Focal Length: 22mm
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0003 Dreams
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0003 Dreams

just somefin short i came up with

i hope its kawaii enough

06.02.13 ♥ 12

i did ocs

08.04.12 ♥ 0

protip: drag it

wow this sucks why dont i just throw my tablet out the fuckin window

07.25.12 ♥ 0

drawin ocs dont mind me

07.23.12 ♥ 0

here you go babe

luff u

06.29.12 ♥ 1
o god i cant believe i just found this i doodled this months ago

o god i cant believe i just found this i doodled this months ago

03.26.12 ♥ 5

kawaii babbys

03.26.12 ♥ 0

john no what are you doing with your face john no stop stop it john„,

03.26.12 ♥ 1

just postin my “art” all night nbd

03.26.12 ♥ 0

So I drew some John/Dave.

Under the cut because NSFW.

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03.03.12 ♥ 0

So I wrote some cutesy Dave/John.

It’s a bit porny, too.

But I aged them up to their late teens so I guess that makes it okay.

(by the way, if you understand the music references, you’re sugoi.)


Only Seventeen

Your name is Dave Strider and you are still awake at 3am.  For the past few hours, you have been watching your best friend sleep.  

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02.27.12 ♥ 0

Quickish drawing of this lovely lady’s fantroll, Ametsa Pajavu.

12.23.11 ♥ 3

Colourin Mistah Droog

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